How To Keep Your Workstation Organized?

organized workstation at home
Photo by Elvis from Pexels

Working in a cluttered desk can be tough and stressful. Instead of focusing on the task at hand, you can’t control yourself from looking over the mess on your workstation. It gives all sorts of negative emotions that can affect your productivity. Every day that you leave piles of paper in your desk, pens, and whatnots will just make it harder for you to clean up the mess. Keeping your workstation organized is not just pleasing to the eyes, it also helps you be more productive at work.

Taking that first step in decluttering your desk is the hardest. After seeing everything organized and having experienced the positive emotions it will give, you won’t want to go back to that messy work station anymore. Below are some tips on how you can tidy up your home office and make it more organized.

How to Keep Your Workstation Organized

Purge your workstation
When you want to organize your desk, the first thing you need to do is to purge. The things that are occupying your desk are not necessary for your work. Go through all your stuff and decide whether to keep an item or toss it away. Notice how much space you can free up from taking everything that isn’t essential.

Keep your space clean
It doesn’t mean that once you’ve decluttered your desk that’s enough to make it clean. Nope. Whether or not you want it, your desk and office items will collect dust. Isn’t it annoying when you hold your computer or write on your notebook and you can feel the dust covering it? It will probably ruin your mood. Thus, wipe down your desk every day, either before or after work. That will reduce your stress on a long day of work.

Go Digital
When it comes to work matters, getting rid of documents can be hard. We don’t know when will we have to use it so it is better to keep them at hand. But then, we can’t keep everything on the desk. Store it in a drawer, but first, have it scanned in your computer. If someone asks you a certain document you won’t need to look over in on your drawer or storage boxes, you can just search it in the computer.

Keep a planner
Rather than writing important schedules and to-do-list on sticky notes and pasting it all over your computer or your wall, use a planner instead. Writing reminders on sticky notes, notebooks, or whichever won’t be much of a help. It will just create chaos in your work station. To get things written in one place that won’t take too much space, use a planner.

Get yourself a trashcan
Just to make sure you won’t end up with a messy desk again, get yourself a trashcan. Place it wherever is comfortable for you. Once you deemed something unnecessary, do not hesitate to throw it in the trashcan. It will help you in keeping your space clean.

Organize the cables
I’ve been struggling with keeping my cables tidy. There are just too much, from the laptop charger to phone chargers. It gave me a lot of headache thinking of what to do. I was thinking of buying boxes when I can keep everything in one place. That’s when I remember the drawer on my desk. I threw away the things I didn’t need and put all my chargers inside. Surprisingly, I have a bigger space now that I utilize my drawer and put all my chargers inside.