How to Construct a New Reality?

Do we perceive the world as it really is? Is it possible to change reality by changing our perception? How do we construct a new reality around us?

There is not a single version of reality that we can all see and perceive. We all perceive the reality, based upon what we already know and believe in. It is not possible to perceive something that we can’t imagine. As our brain will not be able to interpret the signals being thrown at us. Please watch this excellent video by Neuroscientist @anilkseth. He explains the results of his cutting-edge research on this topic. He goes into detail regarding how the perception of the world gets formed in our brain.

This has fascinating confirmation for those of us who believe that we create our own reality. We create our reality based upon our perception of the world and our perceptions are defined by our beliefs and our intentions. It has been said that a hungry person will see bread in all things. Even the moon looks like a piece of bread to the person who is very hungry. In the same manner, a paranoid person will see enemies all around them. They will act defensive based upon their perception of the world. As they are acting on their own belief. This will cause other people to become defensive around them, this will cause loving people to be rejected from their life. They will only be capable of seeing only enemies around them and friendly intentions from other people would be rejected due to their own biased perception of the world. Thus they would create a reality around them where being paranoid seems justified. They will start to find the facts around them to support their paranoia and further consolidate their belief.

However, the good news is that a person receptive to the positivity around them will respond to small positive things around them. They will appreciate the goodness and be open to receiving it. This changes their perception and they are able to not only recognize the happy things around, but they will also continue to get confirmation of the goodness in the world and become more open to receiving the positive flow in their life.

How do you change the reality that you currently occupy/perceive and don’t like? Start appreciating the good things around you, however small they might appear to be. Start cultivating a mindset believing in the greater well being of the world. You will start finding the evidence of that positivity as soon as you can imagine it and believe it.

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