Why You Should Start Weekly Planning in 2022

And just like that, another year has passed. Looking back, can you say that you had a productive year? If so, congratulations, keep hustling. If not, no worries, you can make it happen this year. You cannot go wrong with weekly planning and organizing to make sure your 2022 will be as productive the way you want it to be.

What is weekly planning?

Planning, in a nutshell, is a process of identifying the what when and how of things in advance to achieve the desired goal. It is essential as it becomes your guide to help you focus and finish your task on time.

Weekly planning, in short, is your organized activities for the week. It is writing down your tasks, activities, events, errands, projects, etc. for each day with whatever end goal you have in mind. It serves as your overview of the things that needs to be done to keep things in control.

Benefits of Weekly Planning

It serves as your motivation.

I don’t know what’s with Mondays, but it always affects most of us- tired, not in the mod to work, feeling lost on what task to do first. But, when you plan your week, there would be something that would pull you out from that slump and motivate you to work.

It serves as guide.

Having organized all your to-do’s in a week will help you be in control of them rather than have your to-do’s take control of you. When you finished a task, there are moments when you don’t know what else to do next, or you forget what to do next. Having a weekly planner will help you avoid that. Just one look and you will be reminded of your schedules and tasks.

It makes you more productive.

When you have your days organized and well-planned, your productivity rises from when you just let things be.

Gone are the moments when you spend your time doing less important things. Planning it well allows you to focus on pressing matters.

Helps maintain a balance life.

There are times when work and responsibilities consumed you that you forget to take a break and have some fun. Planning will help you address that. You shouldn’t only plan work, errands, appointments, you should also plan your break. Taking breaks will allow you to recharge physically, mentally, and emotionally.

A planner that sticks on the fridge

You probably have seen different designs of notebook planners in the market these days. But, there is also a planner that allows not just you, but also the whole family to write and see.

StriveZen’s Fridge Weekly planner has strong magnets to make sure that it will stay on your fridge. It isn’t dry erase, this planner has 52 sheets where you can write your schedules on. No need to worry if the sheets will fall apart, the binding of this magnetic planner is strong, book-like binding.

woman writing on a magnetic weekly planner

This fridge weekly planner isn’t just for you to see, but also for your family. Keeping this on your fridge allows everyone in the house to have an overview of what’s going on in each other’s lives.

This 2022, make it a goal to organize your schedule with your family, and at the same time, live a balanced life.