What are the Benefits of Living a Simple Life

Our lives have changed so much ever since the pandemic started. For every millennial and gen z who have it easy with the advancement of technology, adjusting to life living in the new normal is tough. Despite the hardship, covid19 also brought good things in some ways or another. People who are always on the go learned how to take a step back and live without a rush. Those who love to walk on the busy streets of the city are now spending their time leisurely at home. 

Many people must have found the good in living a laid-back, simple life. Myself included. It does not mean living in the middle of nowhere and be alienated from the world. It’s about living a simple life. Being in a tranquil environment, and away from the hustle and bustle and stress. 

Simple Way of Living

Living a simple life is just like decluttering. However, instead of just focusing on your home, you focus on what’s essential in your life. It doesn’t mean resigning from your job nor selling your dream house. It simply means cutting away the extras in your life. Those things that cause anxiety, make you feel overwhelmed and distracts you from important things. 

Oftentimes, the small things you tend to take for granted are usually the things that matter. It is human nature to crave for more, career-wise or in life itself. However, as you grow older, as you experienced what it is like living in the real world, comes the realization that living a simple life is more appealing. 

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Benefits of Living a Simple Life

The reason why many people are now choosing to live a simple life is because of the following;

1. You can save money

You can’t live a simple life while squandering money to whatever stuff that catches your interest. It doesn’t mean you will deny yourself from buying your wants. You simply just have to limit it.

Living a simple life is synonymous to spending less. 

2. You’ll get to know more about yourself

We are living in a world where society determines our value on who we are and what we can offer. If you have nothing to offer, then you are discarded. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but it’s what most people experienced. The sad thing is, in being determined to proving your worth, you will lose sight of who you are. 

Choosing to live a simple life will allow you to focus on yourself again. It will allow you to reflect on what you want, to realize your mistakes, and will help you understand what your life’s purpose is. 

3. Improve your relationships

Amitai Etzioli said that when we stop focusing our time on acquiring material possessions, we’re more likely to focus on our relationships. Sometimes, we get blinded by success, luxury, and wealth we forget to spend valuable time with our loved ones.

Simplifying your life means spending more time with family and friends and creating unforgettable memories with them. When you stop wanting for more and spend time with the people around, you will find that happiness that can never be bought with money.

4. Improves your health

Studies showed that because of the stress and worry associated with a high-intensity lifestyle, our body reacts in all kinds of negative ways such as high blood pressure and headaches. Choosing to live a simple life means getting away from stress. Thus, it gets you away from all the health problems associated with it.