The Ultimate Guide to Designing a Home Office

home office design
Photo Credit: Unsplash

Thanks to COVID-19, many people who’ve never worked from home before are suddenly doing it. One of the major challenges of a WFH lifestyle is figuring out how to get into your flow. It’s extremely likely your environment is what’s holding you back. Create and design a home office that will give you a much easier time getting — and staying — on task.

Discovering Your Work Style

What keeps you productive?

Furnishing Your Office

What should you keep in mind while looking for your workspace furniture?

  • Secretary desks and fold-away options are great for offices in a small space.
  • You’ll spend a lot of time in your desk chair, so focus on ergonomic design.
  • If you like to move around during the day, consider a standing desk.
  • Get a wall calendar from StriveZen to keep track of due dates and project timelines.

Decorating Your Space

Your home office can be as personalized as you’d like.

Setting up an office will make working from home substantially easier. If you’re sequestered inside for the duration of the pandemic, you may as well embrace the change. Create a space where you can focus, and you’ll be amazed by what you can achieve at home.

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