The Art of Joyful Living: Six Ways to Live A Joyful Life

grandma enjoying the leaves
Photo by Edu Carvalho from Pexels

We live in a world where inequality is prevalent. That brown and black isn’t as beautiful as white, that a person’s status determines his/her importance in the community, and that respect is given base on how successful you are in your chosen career. It sounds cruel, yes, but it happens to most of us. It is mostly one of the reasons why we suffer from stress, anxiety, fear, and depression.

Is there a way to live joyfully in this cruel world? How can we be happy when we are surrounded by negativities? Sadhguru, a yogi, mystic, and a visionary said that for us attain joyful living, we must “learn to stop making a misery out of everything.” 

Amid the chaos and painful reality, living joyfully is still feasible. It is a process, and like any other process, it will test you on how committed and passionate you are. It will take time, and most probably, it is a never-ending journey. When you decide to take the first step in search of joy, read the following concepts that will help you on your quest for joyful living.

Make Clear of Who You Are

We are used to living our lives in accordance with how society wants us to be. Consequently, a lot of us are hesitant to express ourselves, afraid that the people around us won’t understand. We all want to belong, nobody wants to be a part of the minority. 

Living that way is like walking with your mouth covered, with hands and feet both tied. You are a prisoner of your self. But, know that being yourself is not a sin. If the people around you won’t understand nor accept you for what you are and what you believed in, then they are not meant to be in your circle.

When you decide to be yourself, expect rejection and mockery. Freeing yourself from the suffocating bond of someone else’s beliefs is a tough road to take. Nevertheless, don’t let it stop you from turning to be the amazing person that you are. 

Live life with Purpose

There is nothing more exciting and fulfilling when you know what you are living for. Most of us suffer from the agony of not knowing what our purpose is in this world. It is disheartening and depressing. Waking up every day, going to work, just the simple acts of living seems like a chore. That feeling when you see your friends happy, you feel happy for them, but then again you can’t miss that little pang of jealousy knowing they are living life meaningfully, while you are still wandering looking for the reason of your existence.

Putting pressure on yourself won’t help you in living a purpose-driven life. Take one step at a time. For now, enjoy and appreciate what you have and learn from your experiences. One day, you will wake up knowing why are you here and what you are living for.

Live without Regrets

Rejection, failure, lack of self-esteem, aren’t these the reasons why we are so afraid of getting out of our comfort zones? We have this mindset that being cocooned in the comfort of our box will spare us from the cruelty of what lies outside. It does, somehow. But, by doing so, you are denying yourself to experience the fullness of living life. True, there will be no rejection, failure, and pain. However, you will never find the answer to all your “what” and “what ifs.” There is nothing that can fill that void if you keep yourself locked in the box you’ve created.

Go out and see what lies outside of your comfort zone. Yes, it is a tough world out there, but then that’s the only way for you to live life with no regrets.

How Can We Attain Joyful Living

Nurture Important Relationship

No man is an island; we have to rely on other people at some point. Accepting that we have limits and that we need help is not a sign of weakness. Rather, it is a sign of being mature. Thus, building a good relationship with family and friends is important. No need to have a big circle, you only need the ones that matter. Those who love you despite your flaws, understand your view of things though you different opinions, listen to you in your moments of tirade, and care for you without asking anything in return.

Pamper Yourself

One of life’s simplest joy is to be able to pamper yourself. With all the responsibilities we have to take care of, it is so easy to overwork and forget about ourselves. We have to remember, though, that to live a joyful life, we have to keep everything in balance.

If you are worried that you have to spend money to pamper yourself, don’t be. Waking up late is a form of self- care. Exercise, go for a walk, be one with nature, engage in solitude, slow down, and take a rest from all your responsibilities for a few hours.

Decide to Choose Joy

Life is a series of ups and downs. One moment we are in cloud nine, the next we are faced with a heartbreaking tragedy. Despite all that, always choose joy. True, we don’t go through the same things; some people have it worse than us. All the painful memory, the events of our horrible past, let us all leave those things behind. We have a whole life ahead of us, happiness is waiting on the other side. It may be hard for now, but remember, we are capable of living a joyful life.

To those people who have been through hell but still fighting, to those who choose to live life and live in happiness, know that you are an inspiration.