Teaching Your Kids How to Plan

teach kids how to plan

Planning is one of the most essential skills we all need to develop as we go on through life. It doesn’t matter what your career is, knowing how to plan can make things easier for you, and at the same time be more productive. However, do remember that your planning techniques and habits won’t develop overnight. We, adults, struggle over it. So, for parents, why not teach your kids how to plan as young as they are?

There is a verse in the Bible that says, “Train up a child in the way he should go; Even when he is old he will not depart from it.” When you teach your kids planning at an early age, of course with your guidance, they can adapt to it easily. Kids learn faster. What better time to teach and hone their planning skills? Start them young. According to researchers, people have a more difficult time learning a new skill as he or she grows older.

Start with a family calendar.

Parents should be every kid’s positive role model. For them to know how important planning is, they should see you doing the same. You can have a family calendar like a magnetic or wall calendar that serves as your family home headquarter. Start to assign and schedule chores to them. Write it on your calendar so they will feel responsible for that task.

Doing that will give them an idea of how planning and scheduling work. At the same time, it will serve as a practice as they start their planning journey.

Getthem a planner/ calendar

After laying the basics for your kids, start providing them with their calendar or planner. As students, their schedules will be full of school work. Getting them a calendar/planner of their own will provide an avenue for them to map out their days or weeks properly

Help them create a to-do list.

Your kids will need assistance as they go over the things they need to do over the week. Help them list down their school works, from home works, quizzes, activities, or exams. Also, tell them to include fun activities like 30 minutes of watching tv, etc., (depending on your house rules).

Do not create the list by yourself. Let your kids do it, but let them know you are there to walk them through it.

Teach them how to prioritize.

Prioritizing is something some adults are not good at. That’s why it is important to guide your kids, as young as they are, to identify the most important task they need to do and work on it first.

Planning is not easy. Even us, adults, struggle with it. When you are helping your kids how to plan, make sure to make it fun. Provide them colorful, fun stickers, and positive quotes. You can also let them use colorful pens or anything art-related stuff. They shouldn’t see planning as boring, but make planning a fun and exciting activity for them.