Technology really played a part in making our lives easier. Now, we have access to almost everything we need with just a click on our phones or computers. However, some things remained the same. People still chose to keep a physical calendar, like a fridge calendar with strong magnets, to help organize their lifestyle rather than using a digital one.

What People Say About Our Magnetic Fridge Calendar 2021-2022, Vertical Style

magnetic calendar 2021 2022
Magnetic Fridge Calendar 2021-2022, Vertical Style

This was way higher quality than I expected. It has a very sturdy back and vinyl corners to keep the pages from flapping out. The magnets are unbelievably strong–this won’t slide down your fridge or move while you write. I bought this for my 95 year old mom, and it’s a generous size without going over the top.


This calendar is easy to read and has good magnets to keep it on the fridge. The paper is substantial enough for the job and has a good writing surface. It is perfect for my needs.

-P. H.

The calendar fits nicely on the refrigerator door. The magnetic is strong and makes a good attachment. Large enough space to write notes on each date. Well worth the price.

-Amazon Customer

Always like a calendar on my refrigerator, look at it first thing in the morning to see what is going on that day.This one stays on better then others I’ve purchased. Although, I do wish it had pictures on it, example scenic, dogs, cats, etc.

-Carolyn Mccart

Plenty of room to write and really strong magnets.


Perfect for the fridge. Magnets hold nice and secure.


Great sticks, it stays, and the paper is nice and thick.👍

-Susan Faulk

magnetic calendar 2021

StriveZen’s Magnetic Fridge Calendar 2021-2022, Vertical Style has been helping people organized their lifestyle. This fridge calendar has been of great use for families, parents and everyone who struggles in keeping their work-life balance.

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