I have 2 kids and both are now at different schools so I needed a calendar to go on the fridge and keep track of the schedules for each child. What I love about this calendar is there are lines to write and this keeps everything clean and organized. It’s a good size, so you can actually write things out-but not so big it overtakes the fridge. There is a “notes and to-do” small sections on the right of the calendar for any additional things that need to be written. The pages are decorated and that makes it quite adorable. The magnets are very big so it’s stayed on the fridge very well! It comes with the cutest dry-erase list with a marker. Overall, I’m very happy with the product!


I have this hung on the friderator, great for writing my appointments and hoping I don’t miss my proctology appointment for next Monday at 10:15. This does not come with your appointments already written, you have to do that part yourself. I love the illustrations and the notes section on the side. I wrote things I need at the store. Hard to fit the calendar in my purse when I go to the store though. Love the magnetic list that comes with. Will define using this every month and plan to write down all import dates and events.


I purchased this for my 81 year old mom and her fridge. The calendar is paper – so use regular pin. The list is dry erase type and comes with a dry erase pen. Both are magnetic so they fit on the fridge nicely. You could use the calendar on the fridge or on a desk. April 2020 thru December 2021. I tore off april to September and gave it to her. She loved it. She has a smaller type fridge and it fit very nicely.


The overall quality of this calendar is great. Heavy weight paper, nice colors, and strong enough magnets to keep it in place on fridge. The lines on each day are so helpful. The lower left corner cover on the front keeps pages from flying around. Having the name of the month in the lower right corner of each page is a game changer… so easy to find the month ahead! Dry erase memo board is nice useful bonus. Thank you – great product.


This calendar is the perfect size for the my fridge! It’s big enough to write notes about events that are coming up but not too big that it takes up most of the fridge. The magnets are strong. And for a bonus the prints on the different months add a pop of color to an otherwise white space. Would definitely recommend.

-Amazon Customer

Great size for a double door fridge. It stays in place, and there is just enough room to write in the boxes for various family activities. We have online calendars, but we still treat this as our main family calendar because everyone sees it.


Love this calendar BIG numbers and plenty of space. I am very happy with it.

-Nicki Wagner

I’ve purchased similar item as gift for several years. Works so well, it is requested every year. Used as appointment calendar. The tear away feature quickly advances to next month.


Perfect size for fridge. Magnets stay in place, the pages tear well, designs are cute, and the box are lined and large enough to write down all the scheduling needs of a 5 person family. 5 stars.

-Kindle Customer

This is a great refrigerator calendar. Hold to the frig very securely. Plenty of room to mark the calendar with my appointments, birthdays and other things. Plus there is room on the side for notes. Only thing that would make it better is some little stickers to make it more fun. Will definitely buy again next year.

-Just a PA Gal

Large calendar. I write a lot on my calendars for appointments and events and this calendar is perfect with enough writing space. And I like the add ons like the magnetic note pad and pen.

-Ronnie Dwyer Williams

This is the second year I bought this calendar format from this seller. It stays put on my fridge, has plenty of room for notes and enough design to add a little color.


Love this calendar! The magnets hold the calendar very well to the refrigerator without any slippage. There are large squares to writ in. It’s such a deal, because you even get a dry erase magnetic notepad with a magnetic pen to boot!


I hope they keep making these. I absolutely love them. They never fall and help me remember important dates. Best calendar out there.


Made our family daily planning so easy, every one can see it every morning, good stuff, right on the frig firmly.


This is great. It fits on the front of my refrigerator and has enough room for me to fit all of our schedules.

-Lisa L

I loved the calendar. It’s sturdy and the pages are thick. I write all my family’s schedule on it and nothing bleeds through. It came with a magnetic shopping list. I like that as well but wish the marker that came with it had a magnet on it (although I guess I can glue one on it pretty easily)!

-Shelli Wimer

This calendar is perfect. The date spaces are large enough to write a few different things in. On the side of the calendar is a notes sections which is also very useful. Each month is a bright and vibrant color. Magnets hold strong to the side of the fridge too! It came with shopping list magnet and erasable marker that I write on everyday.


Love this calendar!!!!! So much room to write all our activities. I will buy another.


I love this calendar. Just perfect. I can tell this calendar will stay on the frig for the entire year. After I received mine and was so pleased – I even bought a second one for a friend.

-Pamela Welsh

This is a great calendar. Big enough to write in bills and birthdays. Not to mention the dry erase marker and pad that came with it for free. I really love the fact that it’s magnetic and can be kept on the fridge and off the counter.

-Kindle Customer

Perfect calendar for being able to write things on. It’s a little large for the front of a refrigerator, but it works great for what we need with plenty of space for writing in each square!


Calendar was as described. It has 3 big magnets to hold it up in place on the fridge and comes with magnet shopping list and erasable marker which you can use to write down your shopping list and erase. Will definitely buy again next year.

-Amazon Customer

I was looking for a large enough calendar that would hold up on my refrigerator and this calendar is PERFECT.


This by far is the best family calendar I’ve ever purchased . Love love love it. Great quality, lots of writing space . I have ocd so love the lines.


Love this calendar. Strong magnets. Lovely calendar. We use it at family central, the planning center of our family life — on our kitchen refrigerator. Thank you for a great product.


Love this calendar! The magnets hold to the fridge with no slipping or falling. The different monthly designs make it more appealing and the layout is perfect 🙂


The calendar is on my fridge so the whole family can see our schedule. No more “what are we doing this weekend?”. Just check the calendar.


For most of us busy people………. we need reminders. This calendar is perfect for the fridge. its a great deal. comes with a little white board that you can write your grocery list and other things and a marker too. great value. i kept if for myself but will buy some in the future for gifts. a very useful gift.

-Benita E Rogers

I love this calendar, it is a little bigger then I normal buy. But I love the size and look and it stays on the refrigerator with the magnets that it has. I don’t really use the dry erase pad.