Technology really played a part in making our lives easier. Now, we have access to almost everything we need with just a click on our phones or computers. However, some things remained the same. People, especially those who have hectic schedules, still chose to keep a wall calendar, a big plus if it’s a move-a-page calendar, to help organize their lifestyle rather than using a digital one.

What People Say About Our Move-A-Page, Minimalist Three-Month Wall Calendar

minimalist wall calendar
3-Month View Wall Calendar, Minimalist, 2021 – 2022

So far I really like the calendar although I haven’t had it for long. I love the fact that it is simple with no extra distracting designs. If you are looking for a no frills calendar that shows multiple months at a time, this is it!I like that it’s regular paper and not glossy because regular pens & pencils Work fine on it (no smearing)I feel like I received 3 calendars for the price of 1 because there are literally 3 of each month. (For example 3 Octobers). I didn’t realize this when I ordered it and at first thought it was wasteful. I am using the additional calendars for recording other things that I want to keep track of (menu plans, etc.) Since it’s easy to move the page, I put those calendars behind the current so I can keep a 3 month spread.I also have enjoyed taking it to meetings where I need a calendar. It’s nice to not have to use 2 calendars anymore (used to need to carry an extra planner and then transfer the info to the wall calendar.

-Amazon Customer

I like this calendar’s flexibility. This is a great calendar for someone with multiple schedules. I like the fact that you can move up/down and add notes/documents to appointments, as needed. I do believe, however, that this is a bit overkill for my current requirements. But this an impressive product, and I plan to continue using it.Thanks.


Movable Pages?!?! WooHOO!!!LOVE THIS! ok, so you get a whole lot of bang for your buck with this purchase. Basically it’s three calendars. And the BEST part is… can move the pages around as needed which is AWESOME! Definitely recommend.

-Lynn Shoop

I love the 3 month movable calendar. I thought the dates would be larger, but this is adequate. I love the 3 month movable calendar. It displays 3 months at a time which is very important to me to be able to see what I have planned in the coming months, seasons.


Lots of space to add notes in each day. Works perfectly for work or home. Pages are removable to move around as you please. I love the little pocket that’s available.

-Ali V

Very easy to use, pages are easy to move and reattach. The dates are in bold, easy to read numbers. I can’t wait to order 2021 calendar when it comes out. Shipping was quick and I highly recommend this product as a way to keep track of upcoming events several weeks out.

-SK Sedwick

minimalist wall calendar

StriveZen’s 3-Month Minimalist Wall Calendar 2021, Move-A-Page has been helping people organized their lifestyle. This move-a-page wall calendar has been of great use for families, parents and everyone who struggles in keeping their work-life balance.

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