Meal Planning: Tips and Guides For Healthy Living

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Being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease change my perspective about life. One moment I was planning where and when I would spend my next vacation, eating whatever food that comes into my mind, and just do anything without preservations. Now, I can’t even enjoy being under the sun, and I don’t have the freedom to eat the usual food I used to have.

Autoimmune diseases don’t have a cure yet. The only thing that people who have this disease can do to prevent complications is to take the medicines prescribed by the doctor, constant health monitoring, and eating healthy foods. Thus, meal planning is essential in combatting this disease.

What is Meal Planning?

Meal planning is preparing and organizing what food to prepare for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks. Planning out in advance makes you save time in doing grocery shopping. It can also save you from the headache of deciding what to eat ‘coz trust me, thinking of what food to cook, especially for moms, can be exhausting. Here are some tips for meal planning that will help you

Tips for Meal Planning

Get a pen and a planner

You can’t just plan by your head, you also need a planner to write all your meal ideas and the ingredients needed for the new recipe. The StriveZen monthly planner can help you plan your meals conveniently. You can write what meal you want to prepare on its large daily blocks and list the recipes on its extra pages. And on any given days you crave a recipe, just one flip of the planner, and you can make that dish again with less hassle.

monthly planner use for meal planning
StriveZen monthly planner will help your meal planning journey easier.

Look for new recipes

I am not a fan of healthy foods before my diagnosis. So when it happened, I wasn’t prepared. Now, I make sure I spend time looking for new and healthy recipes online and add it to my diet. And trust me, for someone who is not fond of veggies, I’m enjoying the journey.

Organized your list

Now that you have listed down the new recipes you found on the net, it’s time to start a calendar. What do you want to cook for today or the next few days? Write down your day’s menu on your planner to be more organized.

Schedule your shopping day

One of the reasons why meal planning is necessary is ‘coz it will make your trip to the grocery store productive. Armed with a shopping list containing all the ingredients needed for your dish, you are confident you’ll buy everything you need.

Stock-up your pantry

You don’t know when your cravings for a specific dish will hit you, might as well stock up your pantry with stuff you usually use for cooking. You might have a busy week or days ahead, and going to the grocery to buy one or two condiments will be a hassle. Having a well-stocked pantry can save you from stress.

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