Does Time-blocking Works?

does time blocking works

Tiktok has been a platform where people all over the world displays their talents. But these days, people are also using it to share some of their life hacks and tips. One of the videos that garnered millions of views is a video about time blocking. Users have been sharing how time blocking works and how it made a difference in their busy schedules.

What is time-blocking?

Time blocking is a technique where you schedule your time in a detailed way. It is planning out every moment of your day in advance and dedicating specific time “blocks” for certain tasks and responsibilities.

Instead of just going with the flow of whether you finish a certain task or not in a day, time blocking allows you to have a concrete schedule that guides you on what to work and when.

Does time-blocking works?

There are claims that time-blocking isn’t ideal in a way that it will make a person a ‘robot’ of his/her schedule. But most of the people who tried it and is still doing this technique to manage their time swears by how helpful it is. Let’s take a look at the benefits you can get when you time-block to see whether it is worth it to try this technique or not.

It discourages multitasking

One of the reasons why people love time-blocking is that it is built on the premise of single-tasking. It is the opposite of multi-tasking which according to Chris Smith, a productivity expert, is “a cool-sounding term that, in reality, can cause long term damage to your productivity — and happiness.”

When you multitask, your attention is divided. According to the experiment conducted by Thomas Buser and Noemi Peters, those who multitask “perform significantly worse than those forced to work sequentially.”

Combats Procrastination

Procrastination is probably the number one reason why we don’t get things done on time. But, because you have set a certain time to do a specific task, that will force you to complete or finish that task within the allotted time. It gives a sense of urgency and motivates you to work and do that task now. Not doing so will throw you off of your schedule and eventually ruin your plans.

Allows you to focus on your priorities

You are busy working every day but still ends up feeling unproductive. What could be the problem? It’s because you are working on the less important matter rather than the most important ones. With time-blocking, you can assess what task should be prioritized or put more emphasis on. Schedule it at a time when you think you function effectively and observe its significant effect on your productivity.

Helps you follow through with your goals

Your long-term or short-term goals won’t just happen without you working to achieve them. Time blocking helps you to plan out and schedule activities to achieve your goals. You can’t say you don’t have time anymore or that you are too busy doing something else. Block a specific time and dedicate it to achieving your goals.

Time blocking is a technique that can improve your productivity. Try practising it for a month or two and see if it has a positive effect on your daily life.