What is Success: Its True Meaning and Impact in Life

definition of success
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

I was in my state of idleness when a question suddenly popped up out in my mind. In a person’s quest of success, of wanting more, how can one say what he/she has is enough? How do we define success? In this fast-paced world, where society sets such high standards, when can you say what you have is enough?

It is human nature to want more. Growing up, there are lots of things I crave for but didn’t get. I remember how Christmas time made me feel giddy with excitement thinking of the gifts I will receive. Even a few pennies from relatives was enough to make my day. Yet, as I grow older, as I explore how the real world works, my perception about life also changed.

When you are fresh out of college, you think highly of yourself and that the world revolves around you. You’ve set a path for yourself, aiming to land your dream job and earn more than what others do. For a while, I have that mentality. Work hard, get that position, earn more, but don’t forget to play harder too. But, circumstances happened and I find myself back in my hometown. Back then, it was like torture. Now, it has become my blessing in disguise.

Process of Achieving Success

Climbing the ladder of success isn’t easy. The higher you get, the harder it gets and the more time you have to invest. I am not saying it is bad to aim more. It isn’t. It is admirable. What I’m saying is to be careful not be too consumed of the process.

Imagine yourself as an empty glass. Everything you have will be added into you until you get full. Still, you want more. There is only one way to accommodate those, by pouring out what’s already inside and letting the others in. It does feel great at first, but in the long run, it will drain you out. Part of what you throw was the simplicity, tranquillity, and care-free lifestyle. One day exhaustion will consume you. And when you look back, you will see all the things you have missed, those little moments you have taken for granted in your quest for the higher goal.

Again, it is okay to want more. It’s okay to strive harder for your dreams. And, what’s important is, it is also okay to stop, slow down, and take breaks.

So how do you define success?

I’ve googled the meaning of success and dictionary.com says that it is “the accomplishment of one’s goals.” You can be called a successful person once you have attained the things that you longed for. However, let’s face it, not everyone can make their dreams come true. It isn’t for the lack of trying, sometimes circumstances forced them to walk on a different road. Does that make them a failure? No, it doesn’t. Success is subjective. A lot of people I know who achieved their career goals aren’t feeling successful at all. They have the money, the rank, yet achieving those things isn’t as blissful as what they think. Instead, they are stressed, exhausted, overworked.

On the other hand, I also know people who might not have the best jobs but are contented and happy with their lives. For me, that’s how success should be. It doesn’t matter if you are not driving a Lamborghini or a Ferrari, or if you are not wearing Gucci or Prada. What matters most is the smile plastered on your face, the glimmer in your eyes, and the contentment in your heart. Those things are the true measure of success, things that can never be bought with money.