Time Management For Busy Moms

Are you having trouble with time management and work-life balance?

You are not alone.

Meet Amy.

A digital marketer. A wife. And a mother.

Every day she juggles numerous responsibilities.

Preparing meals.

Grocery Shopping.


Taking care of kids.

And keeping the house clean.

She is always tired and frustrated.

She also often misses




Her workmate noticed her problem and offered tips and suggestions to help make her life easy.

“Try using this StriveZen calendar. It has helped me organize my life.”

StriveZen’s Large magnetic calendar is 17×12 inches in size. It has large daily blocks and plenty of space to write on, making it easy to read even from a distance. It also has a space for notes and to do’s. This fun and colourful calendar have strong magnets that make it easy to go right on your kitchen fridge.

Thanks to StriveZen Calendar, Amy never forgets appointment again. She has now improved her time management skills that allow her to spend more time with her family.

Make your life easy.

Plan with ease.

With Strivezen.