The Importance Of Planning In Our Lives

importance of planning
Photo by Jessica Lewis from Pexels

Majority of us have come to understand the value of planning into our lives. The number of responsibilities we have to juggle made us appreciate what planning can do. Others, however, are still hesitant. Oftentimes their reasons revolve between just going with the flow or that every day is full of surprises and uncertainties so why bother? 

I don’t know if that kind of mindset works for some people, but for me, it didn’t. Instead, it resulted in forgetting schedules and tasks, failure to meet deadlines, and being unproductive as a whole. 

Importance of Planning

Planning is the process of deciding in detail how to do something before you actually start to do it.

Reduces Stress

Being an adult made us realize that we do not always do what we love to do. We do things because it gives us something we need, that includes our job. That alone plus the overwhelming number of tasks you need to do causes too much stress. If you want to lessen your stress, then you need to start planning. Setting up attainable goals and knowing that you have formulated a feasible plan of action eases worry and lifts up your burden. 

Helps you be prepared

Planning doesn’t mean that everything in your day or week is fixed. We have to consider the fact that unforeseen circumstances might happen. The good thing about it is while you are planning, you are also considering what might come up. Thus, it allows you to think of back-up plans just in case. That way you won’t end up losing your track, and will still make you closer to your goal. 

Evaluate your Progress

Achieving your goal doesn’t happen overnight. You have to take gradual steps until you come closer to your goal. Planning helps you evaluate whether you are getting closer to what you want to achieve. It also lets you assess whether you are sticking to the time frame you set.