Technology really played a part in making our lives easier. Now, we have access to almost everything we need with just a click on our phones or computers. However, some things remained the same. People still chose to keep a physical calendar, specially magnetic calendars that are placed on the fridge, to help them organize rather than using a digital one.

What People Say About Large Monthly Magnetic Fridge Calendar 

large magnetic calendar 2021
Large Monthly Magnetic Calendar For Refrigerator 2021-2022

This fits on one door of the fridge perfectly ! It’s still large print and easy to read . It sticks Well and has never fallen down. We have a growing family and my husband would never know when the kids appointment are without it!

-Danielle E

Life saver! I was worried the corners would flip up after a while, but that was not the case. Only a month left on it and it is still one of my favorite purchases. Keeps everything organized and easy to read. Thick pages so no bleeding when crossing off days or writing dates down. Easy tear off. Sticks to the fridge great! I love it!!!!


A large size. I can see the dates from across the room, which is nice. No problem sticking to the fridge. The months didn’t start where I needed them so I pulled 3 off to get to Sept, and no issues there, just take your time. Nice holiday themes to go with the months. I have an older side by side fridge and it fits perfectly on the fridge side.

-J. C.

I like how each month has a little theme. The magnets work well for my fridge, and it stays up just fine. Overall, this has helped us stay more organized. Great for the price.

-Amazon Customer

LOVE THE MAGNETIC CALENDAR! Strong magnets so it stays put and i like the design of each month to represent the holiday or time of year.

-Jeanette J. Mcdowell

We need a fridge calendar. This is great. The designs are cute but plenty of room per day and also the extra notes on the side. This one actually stays put on the fridge. I’ll look for it next year.


The calendar is easy to read. Each day’s space is big, lined and easy to legibly write on. There is also a place on the side to write special notes as well as a to-do list. The magnets are strong and so far anyway, have stayed attached to my refrigerator without a problem. I hope that they continue to make this calendar available every year.


large magnetic calendar

StriveZen’s Large Monthly Magnetic Calendar For Refrigerator 2021-2022 has been helping people organized their lifestyle. This fridge calendar has become the family organizer of busy parents and kids. This is also a perfect tool for everyone who struggles in keeping their work-life balance.

Stay on the fridge! It doesn’t slide. Magnets are very strong. Wish it was a little easier to tear off the pages. The daily blocks are big enough to actually write stuff in. Will keep buying!!

-Heather P

Perfect calendar for busy homework schedule. I have two girls in school who get a lot of homework assignments and I needed some to keep track of them. Dry erase doesn’t work for me because you can’t plan ahead. This calendar is great because I can keep it on the fridge so it doesn’t take up wall space. (I already have my own calendar on the wall.) It’s really easy to plan ahead and then when the month is done you just tear it away. The magnets are strong so it stays in place. Highly recommend!


Plenty of room to write in our busy schedules. It really was made to be a desk calendar but it works fine. Stays up very well with the magnets.


Magnets work well, adequate writing space. Good magnets, stays in place well. Easy to write on. Only down side, it started back in October 2019.


I loved being able to get a big calendar that was still cute and I had enough space to write everything I need and the magnets for the fridge are very strong I have had no issues with it staying on hands down will be buying again next year maybe even as some gifts as well.

-Sharon Bennis

Overall pretty good, but it is important to note it is actually a desk blotter with large magnets glued onto the back. That being said, it works as advertised, it doesn’t fall off the fridge and the pages stay on until I rip them off. I’m not a fan of the printed lines on each day and would prefer something a little smaller, but still a solid product and decent value.

-George B.

This is just what I needed to stay organized . Magnets hold really well boxes are big enough to write in appointments glad I ordered this.


Works great and has just enough Space to write down family events. Stays attached to the fridge quite well with the magnet attached to the back. I like that different scenes for each month.

-Jennifer Edwards

I love this calendar! It sticks to our fridge really well, is easy to read, and there is plenty of space to write out all of our plans. Each page tears off easily and the pockets keep the corners down. It’s been a huge help in keeping my family organized.

-Lance Hightower

Adorable themes on each month. Large space to write multiple things. A little side pouch to put your pens! This is the best way to get my year organized properly and right. Plus arrived a day ahead of schedule and it sticks to the fridge perfectly.

-Alexandra Saghbazarian

I put this up because the kid is going into high school and we already had mix ups with my spouse and the kid and myself before now. The spouse won’t use the calendar on the phone so I gave this a try. Like flies to honey, all members have started recording dates and times on it. Amazing! It also sticks really well, and it’s easy to flip ahead and add future dates. I even caught the spouse talking on the phone making an appointment while recording that appointment on the calendar. I am hoping this makes the school year run smoothly! Sometimes low tech is the way to go, I guess.


Well worth it !!! Love the designs for each month! Sticks to the fridge very well!


No issues. Sticks strong, does not slide.


Large Monthly Magnetic Calendar For Refrigerator 2021-2022

large magnetic calendar 2021

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