Why Do We Need Rest And Relaxation?

woman relaxing and enjoying the nature
Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

With the constant demands of our jobs and the number of responsibilities keep piling up, having downtime is considered a luxury these days. Society has this notion that if you work 60-80 hours a week you are a good employee, and some even think that taking a break from work is considered taboo. Sounds crazy, but there are people like that. How they manage to work without rest or relaxation is such a puzzle to me. 

Of course, there are also exceptions. There are times when overtimes are inevitable. Those moments usually happen when there is important stuff to do, which is likely really the most stressful days for us too. When it happens, you should consider to take a break from work and spend time resting and relaxing after everything is completed. 

Why do we need to rest and relax?

Most of us take breaks whenever our body starts to complain and our health starts to deteriorate. Why wait for that when you can prevent it from happening? Here are the reasons why our body needs to relax and rest.

1. Boost Immune System

We often hear the saying that too much of everything is bad. Hence, too much working is bad, mentally and physically. It affects your personal and social life and makes you more susceptible to stress since all your focus is centred solely in one thing. People who have that kind of lifestyle are likely to suffer health issues due to a weakened immune system.  Thus, it is important to consider these factor before spending 60- 80 hours of work per week.

2. Restores energy

When we are young we think we can do anything under the sun. However, as we grow older, it gets more noticeable that the amount of energy we have is not what it used to be. Like cellular phones, our bodies get drained too. And like phones, we need to recharge our bodies by resting. 

Getting enough sleep, sit without doing anything, is enough to recharge our tired bodies to gain enough energy again. 

3. Restores mind

Heavy thinking is as draining as when we are using physical strength.  Notice that when you are constantly using your brain; thinking of new ideas, finding solutions to problems, plus handling the pressure and worries it brings, usually leads to headache. When relaxing, avoid thinking about any work-related stuff. Let your mind rest and just enjoy that moment of quiet. 

4. Lifts our mood

Taking a break from work or from whatever responsibility you have doesn’t only allow you to improve your physical and mental health, it is also beneficial for your emotional health. Relaxation makes us feel happier. Doing something we love, spending time alone or with someone else, and just enjoying the moment, definitely improves our mood and ultimately make us feel happy.