Why Are You Not Meeting Your Goals?

goals in print

Since we have just started 2022 a few weeks ago, let’s look back and evaluate the milestones you have achieved in the prior year. Are you able to meet your goals? If yes, congratulations, you’ve worked hard for it. If not, don’t feel bad, you can always try again. But before starting over, let’s take a look first at the reason behind why you are not meeting your goals.

Reasons why you are not meeting your goals

You probably feel like a failure right now. I feel you; a lot of people feel you. In fact, 92 per cent of the people who set goals are experiencing the same thing according to the study done by the University of Scranton. So what should you do to be excluded from the statistics? Let’s take a look at the things you probably fall short of so you’ll know what area you should work and improve on.

Your goals are not specific and challenging enough.

Avoid setting up vague goals. Based on the research done by Edwin Locke and Gary Latham, the probability of meeting your goals is high when it is challenging and specific. It makes you more motivated, and at the same time, leaves you a clearer perspective of what to do to achieve it.

For example, your goal is to lose weight. You have it written down in big letters; the problem is that goal is too vague, leaving you with nothing, not even a plan of how you will achieve it.

Instead of doing it that way, make it specific. In your daily schedule, block some time in the morning to go on a run, walk, or go to the gym. Doing it in repeat will turn into a habit, small steps that will eventually lead you to the goal you set.

Not fully committed to the goal

No matter how specific and challenging your goals are, if you are not fully committed to them, then there is no way you’ll achieve them.

The journey to your goal isn’t easy. There will be setbacks and challenges waiting for you along the way. But, if you really want it, you’ll face it head-on and not just surrender in the first sign of adversity.

So how committed are you?

Failing to plan

Benjamin Franklin once said, “If You Fail to Plan, You Are Planning to Fail.”

Setting a SMART goal isn’t the only formula in achieving one. You need to plan. What action should you take, what are the things needed to be done, etc.

Create a list of short-term goals (the things you can achieve immediately) and aligned them to your long-term goals. You cannot just conquer the peak of the mountain in one go. It needs extensive planning, one step at a time, to finally reach the top.

Lack of focus

How many long-term goals do you have on your list right now? Having too many goals isn’t bad. The problem is it will rob you from focusing on your most important goal. You have to conquer the highest mountain first before thinking of climbing the other ones.

You only have 24 hours each day. You can’t use all your time working and hustling. Realize what goal matters to you the most and focus on it.


You have learned your lessons from your previous failures. It’s high time to change your ways to achieve the highest benefit of achieving your goal.