5 Important Rules of Goal Setting

When I was about to turn 26, I got a serious case of a quarter-life crisis. It got me so depressed. I have been questioning everything that happened to me right after achieving my degree. Getting up in the morning to prepare for work requires so much effort. I detest my work. There was nothing I liked more than to resign, however, bills won’t stop coming if I do. I started to look for a new job, the problem is I don’t exactly know what I was looking for. I had no goals, nowhere to go at all. I was merely going with the flow then.

That’s when I realized how important setting goals is. Setting goals plays such an important role both in our career and personal life. It serves as our motivation while we go through the labyrinth of life.

Rules in Goal Setting

Where do you see yourself five years from now? Do you have something you want to achieve at that time? A millionaire, a CEO, or a successful businessman? By all means, make it your goal. However, there are steps you have to go through to materialize your goals. There will be bumpy roads in getting to where you want to be. Hence, some rules will guide you to make your goals come true.

1. Set a long-term goal that motivates you

There are roughly 25% of students who enroll in 4-year university courses do not complete their studies. Why? Because they lack motivation and commitment to finish their degree. Keep in mind that in setting goals, you have to consider how important it is to you and how much you want it to happen. There is no shortcut to your goals. You have to be committed, determined and focus on achieving it.

2. Write down your Goals

Have you seen a movie wherein the hero/heroine keeps a picture of what they want and post it on their walls? Every day as they get up, they are reminded of their goals and what they need to do to achieve it. Apply it in real life. It will help you be more motivated despite the demands of your busy life.

3. Create an Action Plan

Sometimes you are so focus on the outcome you fail to plan what specific actions or steps you need to take. You have to cross all the t’s and dot all I’s. Keep track of your progress. It will help you realize how far you have come, how long does it take to achieve it, and evaluate the strategies you need to do for the next step.

4. Stick with it

Achieving goals doesn’t happen overnight. Make sure you are committed and focused on accomplishing it. Remember, if you are no longer sure of the course you are taking, evaluate and regroup. It takes time, effort and hard work to reach your goals.

5. Be kind to yourself

The road to your goals is not always smooth sailing. There will be failures and there will be breakthroughs. Learn to reward yourself no matter how little that achievement is. The emotions it accompanies will keep you more motivated in going through the process.

On the other hand, you must remember not to beat yourself when you fail. Reassess and make changes if necessary. Goal setting is all about the things you can accomplish realistically.


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