10 Inspiring Quotes About Time Management

Time is our most precious resource. However, we sometimes take time for granted. Nobleman and writer William Penn couldn't have said it any better, "Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.”

It all boils down to time management. How you spend your time will affect your productivity as well as your personal life. Here are 10 inspiring quotes about time management that will help you understand its importance and will inspire you to start managing your time well.

1. There is just so much you can do in 24 hours. You can’t possibly squeeze all your activities in one day. Learn to prioritize.

2. Sometimes, there are so many things we want to do we forgot what our original plans are. Make sure all your activities are aligned to the objectives or else it will be nothing but time wasted.

3. One of the factors of being a good leader is his/her ability to prioritize the things that matter. There will always be unforeseen circumstances, but a good leader won’t be unfazed and will still know what needs to be done first.

4. Your time is limited. Do not spend it worrying about things that are yet to happen.

5. When you got so much work to do, do not attempt to multitask. Manage your time well. Make a list, prioritize and set time.

6. Every day is a step closer to our last. We don’t know how much more time do we have. Spend it wisely. Make sure you won’t have any regrets when you look back.

7. "You reap what you sow.” You will never find any improvements in your life if you spend your time doing nothing. Make yourself productive and you will prosper.

8. You have to be well-equipped in going to battles. Never go to one unarmed. It's the same with how we deal with the busyness of our daily life. Get a planner and list everything you need to do. You’d save yourself from trouble by doing so.

9. Time is the most valuable coin in our lives. Be careful how you spend it. Once you do, there’s no way to earn it back.

10. Money is something we earn. It can also be gone in a matter of seconds. What we have, a priceless gift that even money can’t buy, is our time. Make sure to spend it wisely.


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