Planner and Calendar Stickers Pack by StriveZen

512 Cute Stickers

List Price:  $12.99

Price:     $ 7.99

  • Colorful bright stickers to spice up your calendar/planner or journal activity. 

  • StriveZen sticker pack for your planner includes all essential daily living themes:

              *   Birthdays/Anniversaries                                                   and other Special Occasions

               *   Daily Chores

               *   Friends/Family Events

               *   Health/Relaxation

               *   Self-Expression

               *   Productivity

               *   Finance/Budgeting

               *   Travel

               *   Holidays

  • Contains 16 sheets of 512 cute stickers organized in multiple categories for your planner, calendar or any other decoration

  • Made with bright, colorful, fun and high definition quality images. 

I use this in my planner and they are great to use. Goes on easily and lots of different stickers for my yearly plans. I would definitely buy again!

These are very well made and glossy. Love them so much. I use them in my journals and sometimes card making on the envelopes.

In a world of emojis these calendar stickers are a good way to make sure to notice scheduling events for the year. The stickers are fun and lots of variety for all occasions.



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