Magnetic Pen Holder 2 PC with 1 Dry Erase Magnetic Notepad/Grocery List

Key features of Refrigerator Magnetic Pen Holder With 1 Dry Erase Magnetic Notepad/Grocery List:

  •  Magnetic pen holder for fridge, set of 2, is made of transparent PVC material the make the objects easily visible.
  • It comes with a magnetic dry erase notepad/grocery list and one marker.
  • 1 medium size magnetic pen holder (4.7 ” wide) that holds about 8 regular size markers/pencils or pens or 6 fat markers, 1 small magnetic pencil/pen holder (2.4 ” wide) that can hold 8 regular size markers/pencils or pens or 6 fat markers.

Product Description

Having an organized lifestyle need not be boring. Make your daily activities fun and easy by using this Refrigerator Magnetic Pen Holder With 1 Dry Erase Magnetic Notepad/Grocery List and marker.

magnetic pen holder holding multiple pens and phone

The free 8.5×5.5 ” magnetic dry erase notepad/grocery pad and one magnetic black marker with eraser on the tip will help you stay on top of all your organization needs. 

infographic of the magnetic dry erase notepad

Why Is StriveZen’s Magnetic Pen Holder for Fridge The Best Choice For You?

young girl beside a fridge with a magnetic pen holder and magnetic dry erase notepad

Quickly find your pen, pencil, marker, notepad, small knick knacks, keys, small torch, eyeglasses or any other quick access object. 

Quickly jot down an item that needs reordering, or a quick phone number or any other note or messages to family members on this magnetic dry erase notepad. 1 Black maker makes it a complete set for noting anything on the go. It can be easily wiped with a tissue or the included eraser on the marker. It will be ready to go again.

You can never go wrong with this magnetic pen holder for fridge with free dry erase notepad/grocery list and marker. This will help you make planning and organizing fun while staying on top of your busy schedule. The features in sticker set are designed with a specific goal of making your life easy and help you plan with ease.

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