Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar for Fridge, Undated, with Freebies

Key features of magnetic dry erase calendar for fridge, whiteboard calendar:

  • This dry erase calendar is 17 x 13 inches big with big daily writing blocks and attractive design.
  • This whiteboard calendar is thick & sturdy, the entire back surface is made of flexible magnet and sticks very strongly to the fridge surface.
  • This refrigerator dry erase calendar comes with a set of 12 attractively designed magnetic stickers, 3 colored markers, and magnetic grocery list/notepad.
dry erase calendar

Price: $7.99

Product Description

Having an organized lifestyle need not be boring. Say no to chaos and missed appointments while doing it in style with this attractive magnetic dry erase calendar.

StriveZen’s dry erase magnetic calendar is a complete set for organized living. Enjoy the bonus 8.5 x 5.5 inches grocery list/notepad, 3 dry erase markers, 12 magnetic reminder stickers that stick firmly on top of the calendar, also help with decorating the space.

The magnetic notepad/ grocery list and magnetic markers attach firmly to your refrigerator.

The free grocery list/notepad is useful in updating the items to buy on your next shopping trip. You can also use this to conveniently jot down a phone number on the go.

This set of 12 attractively designed magnetic stickers will help you to highlight important events in a fun way.

Save precious time and make your calendar pretty by using these free sticker set.

My soon-to-be ex-husband and I currently have a War of the Roses type of living situation (without the blood and mayhem and questionable pate) and needed a method to inform each other when we would be away for overnight travel (business and/or pleasure) so the other might be able to have company over for bonfires, etc. Without the awkward “oh, her? That’s my wife. We’re getting a divorce, don’t mind her” conversations. Added bonus: we don’t have to talk or text each other. Came with 3 different colored dry erase markers (color coding!!!!), each has a cap with a built-in eraser and magnet so you can keep it on the fridge. Magnets included to mark certain dates/events but sadly those don’t apply to our lives currently but they’d be perfect for the normal family! Overall, happy with this purchase.

Tina Malia

The Advantage Of Using A Fridge Calendar

Why do you need a physical calendar, like a magnetic calendar, when you can use a digital one? Simply because it is more convenient to use. Place the magnetic dry erase calendar in a place where it is visible to you and everyone else. Just one glance and you will know when you are free and when you are not.

Keeping a fridge calendar, like this whiteboard calendar, is rather essential in a household. Put it on your fridge where everyone can see, and where the whole family can update their activities. In that case, you keep track of each other’s schedules without a hassle.

This item helps to completely stay organized. Me and my family using to keep track of of our various events. I like to jot down the items that we run out on the dry erase notepad. We just snap a picture before going for shopping. No more oops! that we forgot the items. Magnetic markers also sticks on fridge. Calendar looks nice on our white fridge. You can put birthday stickers on the top of your calendar, which clearly reminds you the event or party.

Sanjeev Shukla

Why Is StriveZen’s Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar Board The Best Choice For You?

Still undecided on what organizing tool will help you keep up with your busy schedule? Plan your activities, events, and appointments for the next year and keep track of your meetings and deadlines with our whiteboard calendar.

  • StriveZen dry erase board calendar for fridge is made with high-quality components. The calendar is thick & sturdy, the entire back surface is made of flexible magnet and sticks very strongly to the fridge surface.
  • The stickers are designed so they can stick firmly on the slick calendar surface without falling.
  • Notepad is also completely flexible and sticks strongly to the refrigerator surface.
  •  Write your monthly, weekly and daily schedule conveniently on this dry erase, whiteboard calendar, erase easily and rewrite as things change as often as you like

I like the calendar itself, but also like the fact it has a separate notepad and “message” magnets. And that it came flat instead of rolled up like the others.


You can never go wrong with this refrigerator dry erase calendar board. This will help you be on top of your busy schedule. The features in this calendar are designed with a specific goal of making your life easy and help you plan with ease.

What People Say About Our Refrigerator Dry Erase Calendar

My wife was pleased with this calendar choice for our appointments and juggling three toddlers’ schedules. This leaves out any excuse for not having a family schedule visible, since it is really easy to use. It looks good on the fridge and is an attractive and colorful way of presenting the monthly schedule. –Sean Morris

Perfect and exactly what we wanted. The full magnetic calendar clings perfectly to our fridge. The colors of the magnetic stickers are fun. I love the idea of using magnetic stickers that comes with it. I was quite surprised how well they stick the calendar and don’t fall down. The bonus magnetic grocery list it came with is also a plus. We use it to write our grocery list as we remember things. Helps to keep it by the fridge. Definitely very happy with my purchase and the overall utility of the product.- Arpit

I initially got a calendar that was a little bent BUT the company is super EXCELLENT about customer service. They sent me a brand new one with a little side gift (magnets) for the inconvenience I was super happy! The second one was not bent at all! The price is not bad either. I would DEFINITELY recommend. –Latmeachria Dedrick

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