3-Month Wall Calendar, Move-A-Page, Vertical Style

Key features of the 3-month wall calendar 2024-2025, move-a-page:

  • This vertical hanging wall calendar is 11 inches wide and opens to 25 inches with its three panels fully open. 
  • Runs from January 2024- December 2025
  • Each daily block of this 3-month wall calendar is about 2″ wide and 1.5″ in height.
  • Utilize the separate space for notes and to-do list and be more organized and at peace with your schedule.
  • This wall calendar has a move-a-page feature that enables moving the pre-written notes and appointments to a new panel at the start of a new month.
3 month view wall calendar 2024 to 2025

Price: $19.99

Product Description

Having an organized lifestyle need not be boring. Say no to chaos, missed appointments, and lost notes, update your shopping list conveniently while doing it in style with this attractive 2024-2025 3-month wall calendar.

3 month view wall calendar 2024 to 2025

Enjoy the Move-a-Page feature of this wall calendar!

StriveZen’s 3-Month view wall calendar’s move-a-page feature is unique. It is designed to let you easily take a month out of its panel and then just as easily move that month to a different panel.

3 month calendar features

This unique feature lets you easily take a month out of its panel and then just as easily move that month to a different panel. Extremely useful to conserve notes and markings on a future month as the month changes. You don’t have to rewrite all your notes again on the new set of pages. Just remove your month from its panel and then very easily place it in the desired panel. It is an optional feature as every panel has a full set of monthly pages.

I was looking for some tool that will help me visually able to track all the business deliveries that we have to make in the next 3 months. We had experimented with using a whiteboard and marking things done and pending. But that doesn’t provide a view on a timeline grid. This calendar works perfectly to serve that need. Now we can track all the deliveries in the next 90 days. When the month changes we can move the months up after removing the previous month. We always have the most current deliveries schedule. This calendar is proving itself to be a great tracking tool. I wish we had found it sooner.


Why Is StriveZen’s 3-Month Wall Calendar The Best Choice For You?

Still undecided on what organizing tool will help you keep up with your busy schedule? Plan your activities, events, and appointments for the next year and keep track of your meetings and deadlines with our 2024-2025 3-month wall calendar.

infographic of the details and features of the 3 month wall calendar 2021 to 2022
  • This three-month wall calendar is a planner’s dream come true. 
  • The months have a quarter specific design.
  • The wire binding is robust, paper quality is bleed proof, designs are pleasing, the numbers are huge and easy to see even from a distance, and the date block is big.
infographic about the advantage of the 3 month wall calendar against competitors

You can now plan better and at the same time always have 3 month’s forward-looking views for your appointments without writing it again.

You can never go wrong with this 3-month wall calendar. This will help you be on top of your busy schedule. The features in this calendar are designed with a specific goal of making your life easy and helping you plan with ease.

3-Month Move-A-Page Wall Calendar 2024-2025, Product Testing

We, at StriveZen, always make sure that we offer you good quality products. Find out how we carry out a quality test to our move-a-page wall calendar to ensure that the product meets your needs and satisfaction.

The Advantage of Using a Wall Calendar

Why do you need a physical calendar, like a wall calendar, when you can use a digital one? Simply because it is more convenient to use. Place the 3-month view wall calendar where it is visible to you and everyone else. Just one glance and you will know when you are free and when you are not.

3 month view wall calendar 2024 to 2025

Keeping a family wall calendar is essential in a household. Put it in a place where everyone can see, and where the whole family can update their activities. In that case, you keep track of each other’s schedules without a hassle.

I love this calendar- can not wait til Jan 01 version comes out! I use mine to see Last month, This month, and Next month. There are 3 copies of each month – each section is a full calendar, so there is some “waste”. I keep one sheet of the remaining months on a clipboard. Then as appointments, meetings, Fall Ball signups, etc are announced, I write them in. Then when I switch out the months and use the “fresh” sheet that’s already in the calendar and write in everything neatly using my notes from the pages in my binder. I love this thing. It’s fantastic. I’m a mom of 2 boys, I manage 17 different projects at work, and am a Cub Scout Den Leader, soccer and t-ball coach, and wife!

-Annie Neidert 

What People Say About Our 3-Month View Wall Calendar 2021

This is perfect. The months are removed and moved easily. There are plenty of extra copies in case you mess up one, there are two more of each month! Wednesday is spelt correctly.“-Lisa Watsonville

I bought this for one of my sons who has a small bedroom with very little wall space. He wanted something to help him keep better track of his schedule, and this was the best fit for his space and preferences. He really likes it. He says that the layout is simple and easy to process and the size and shape are precisely what he needed to fit his limited space. It also seems to be very sturdy, and the portability (it folds up nicely for transport if needed) is an additional plus.“- Wendy G. Anderson

“This folding, 3-month calendar uses quality materials in construction. The page design is clear, with adequate writing space for reminders on each day. Each section has a complete range of calendars, which I didn’t expect. Can’t wait to implement it fully at work after the summer break!”- Deb

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