3-Month Wall Calendar 2020 by StriveZen
October 2019 - December 2020
  • This 2019-2020 wall calendar is a planner's dream come true. The day blocks are big, have thin lines to help organize the writing. 

  • The paper used is a high-quality bleed proof type. The three panels nicely fold into an A4 size notebook to carry to meetings.

  • This vertical hanging wall calendar is 11 inches wide and opens to 25 inches with its three panels fully open. Each daily block is about 2" wide and 1.5" in height.

  • Move-a-page feature to let you easily take a month out of its panel and then just as easily move that month to a different panel which is extremely useful to conserve notes and markings on a future month as the month changes.

  • Use this calendar while on the go, write and preserve all your notes on it. When needed fold it and take it to a meeting with you. 


StriveZen 2 Month wall calendar with mov
2-Month View
 Wall Calendar
3 month.jpg
3-Month View Minimalist 
Wall Calendar

This is perfect. The months are removed and moved easily. There are plenty of extra copies in case you mess up one, there are two more of each month! Wednesday is spelled correctly :)

I really like this calendar. I bought it for work because I travel alot. The months easily come off to write on or shift down and just as easily pop back in and stay. The calendar is somewhat heavy as it is well made, I found using the adhesive nails I needed one that could hold more weight. I have no complaints, beautiful, arrived on time and perfect for what I need.


This calendar is KEY for birth work. At a glance, I can tell when I have clients and when I’m on call. I love being able to see months ahead. There are many more months than needed, because I just move my month up and discard the old one. (For instance, there are two May 2019s)


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