2-Month View Wall Calendar 2020 by StriveZen
January 2020 - January 2021

Amazon's Choice

List Price:  $19.99

Price:     $16.88

  • Can view all of your schedules at a glance for the next month without losing information as you move the written schedule up by using the move-a-page feature.

  • Perfect for busy individuals or families to keep track of all of their activities.

  • Has plenty of space in the daily block, spacious to-do and notes section and nice bleed proof paper. 

  • Wire binding is robust, paper quality is bleed proof, designs are pleasing, numbers are huge and easy to see even from a distance, and the blocks are big.


3 month.jpg
3-Month View Minimalist 
Wall Calendar
color 3 month.jpg
3-Month View 
Wall Calendar


 The part I love is it the day blocks are large enough to record multiple activities. The overall quality is great and the monthly backgrounds are festive and fun. In my opinion, the best feature is that we don't have to flip pages over to see the next month's schedule. Very happy with my purchase!


I love this calendar! The calendar pages are super easy to switch from bottom to top at the end of the first month with no need for tape or paper clips. The boxes are large enough to fit more than one appointment/event on any given day. The colors are delightful and not obnoxious.

William G.

Wonderful planning calendar. Lots of room on the calendar itself. If you want more it mounts really well on chart pack. In that case you really have it all. Ha


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